Webcam WB-1400T

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USB webcam with 052 x 088 hardware resolution and VGA snapshot resolution

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Key features

  • USB webcam with 052 x 088 hardware resolution and VGA snapshot resolution
  • With snapshot button to quickly take a picture
  • Maximum video speed of 00 frames per second
  • Ideal for Live Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype and other messenger services
  • The camera stand can also be used to attach the webcam to the screen of a notebook or desktop PC

Extra information

General Item number:
EAN code:
2 years
Product weight (net):
04 g
Package contents Webcam with clamp and USB cable attached CD-ROM with drivers and software User's guide
Minimum requirements Windows 0, Vista or XP USB port

Other versions

Name Item number EAN code
Webcam WB-1400T US 05593 0713439155938




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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation and configuration

How do I install my product?

Follow the steps in the manual included with your product. 
Alternatively,  go to the download manuals section.

Where can I get software/drivers for my Trust product?

Software/drivers are available on the CD included with your product.
Alternatively,  go to the download drivers section.

I get an error during installation.

To solve errors like:
  • "Unrecognized USB device"
  • "Device driver software was not successfully installed"
  • "Can not find driver"

Please follow the installation trouble shooting guide .


My Trust webcam is not working in the Windows 0 camera app.

This webcam is not supported in Windows 0 camera app, but does work in Windows 0 using Windows Live messenger or Skype.

How do I use my webcam in chat programs like Skype?

For Skype follow the steps described here

How can I test my webcam?

  • First make sure your webcam is connected and installed according to the manual .
  • Go to the webcam test page  and test you webcam.
  • If the webcam works correctly on this page and you still have a problem, you need to configure your chat program.

Note : don"t forget to close the page after testing, because a webcam works only in one program at the same time!

I would like to adjust the webcam image colors / brightness.

Follow the steps in the following pages to adjust the colors and brightness:

How can I record a video on YouTube?

  • Go to the Youtube webcam recording page .
  • Login with your Youtube acount details.
  • Record a video clip and save it to your Youtube space.
Note: you need to have a Youtube account for this function.
An account can be created here

Solving problems

I can not see myself clearly or video is slow/stuttery.

  • Make sure your face is lit sufficiently and no bright light is behind you (like a window)
  • Turn the lens ring to get the sharpest image. (If lens ring available, see  manual )
  • Close any other software running on your PC. (like games and music players)
  • Stop running file downloads on your PC and network  (including bittorrent, emule etc.)

Where is your service center? Or where can I send my product to be repaired?

Unfortunately, we do not have service centers to repair products.
A defective product should be replaced by your point of purchase during the warranty period.

My webcam does not work in my chat program.

  • Make sure you followed the installation steps from the manual
  • Close any other programs using the webcam (like the webcam test page)
  • Update your and your chatpartners video chat program to the latest version.
  • Configure the webcam in your chat program as explained in the links below:
Note : a webcam can only work in one program at the same time!

The webcam is not working in my chat program, e.g. Skype

- Make sure that webcam has been correctly installed.
- In order to use the webcam with a chat program, we would advise you to select the Trust webcam as the default video and audio recording device in the configuration menu from the software you are trying to use the webcam with.
- For more information, please refer to software’s manual / user guide or contact the application’s manufacturer for specific troubleshooting.

The file on the website won't download (completely)

Possibe causes blocking the download:
  • Firewall is blocking the download.
    Adjust your firewall software to allow downloads.
  • An antivirus/internet security software suite is blocking the download.
    If you have internet security software make sure it is configured to allow downloads.
  • Your browser is blocking the download.
    It can help to clear the cache to be able to download again.
    It can also help to reset browser settings when clearing the cache doesn"t work.
    Alternatively use a different browser to download the file.
  • Network/ISP issues.
    It can be related to a problem with the connection to your Internet service.

When I download the file on the website, I receive a message about a corrupt or invalid signature.

This is a false alarm by Microsoft browsers.

The digital signatures of the file are neither corrupt nor invalid. Windows requires drivers to be digitally signed by the author; otherwise, Windows will not load the driver out of precaution.

It is possible that several drivers of Trust do not have this Windows signature, as there are extra costs for this signature. However, we can confirm that even without this signature the driver is safe to install.

If you can"t ignore the warning, please use any non-Microsoft browser such as Google Chrome for downloading and installing the driver.

My product is faulty. What do I do?

We offer a "return to retailer" warranty on our products. In case of a defect, you can return the product to your retailer with failure description, proof of purchase and all accessories. During the warranty period you will receive a replacement product from the retailer if available. For full warranty conditions you can consult: http://www.trust.com/support/warranty


Warranty conditions
  • Trust offers a warranty to the original purchaser from an authorized retailer.
  • Your Trust product is guaranteed under the terms and conditions of this warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year* from the date of original purchase, if purchased from an official retailer.
    • *In Europe, there is a statutory minimum warranty period of 0 years on every product we sell.
  • In case of defect, return the product to your retailer with failure description, valid proof of purchase and all accessories.
  • During the warranty period you will receive a replacement product from the retailer if available.
  • Warranty will be void in cases of opened products, physical damage, misuse, modification, repair by unauthorised persons, carelessness and using the product for other purpose than its intended use.
  • Exclusions of warranty:
    • Damage caused by accidents or disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquake, war, vandalism or theft.
    • Incompatibility with other hardware/software not defined as minimum system requirements.
    • Accessories such as batteries and fuses.
  • In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for any consequential or incidental damages, including any loss of business profits or any other commercial damages, arising out of the use of its product.

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